Bill Kochman
on March 9, 2023
For those of you who have found it difficult to access Bill’s Bible Basics and the Christian Social Network over the past two days, I apologize for the inconvenience. Two of our island’s base load generators are offline right now due to maintenance.
As a result, our power company has apparently found it difficult to meet islandwide power demand. When this happens, they resort to what is known as load shedding.
This is when they will turn off the power in certain villages in order to meet the demand. They do this on a rotating basis — at least so they say — in order to be fair to all power customers. Power outages are typically an hour, or longer.
Thus far today, there have been two or three outages in my village. Aside from the nuisance it presents in accessing my websites, my bigger concern is that these constant, unexpected outages can eventually damage my electronic equipment. In fact, just today I replaced one of my external backup drives for my web server machine. Thank you, John! 😀👍
The other danger is that these power outages can corrupt the databases which run my blog and the Christian Social Network. SSDs — Solid State Drives, such as in my iMacs — are already sensitive to power fluctuations. Running a mySQL server on top of using SSDs makes the data situation even more precarious.
If data does become corrupted in the databases, it forces me to do more work to recover my blog and the Christian Social Network, which is a headache, and can be time consuming.
Anyway, I am not sure how soon the load shedding will stop. Hopefully already, or very soon. In the meantime, again, I apologize if you are having difficulty following links to my websites.
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