Last Updated: May 8, 2021


Like many people who use the Internet and Web for business, educational, professional or entertainment purposes, I value my privacy. I don't like people snooping around in my personal business where they don't belong; and that particularly applies online, where we all know that hackers and other unscrupulous individuals abound, just waiting to steal our personal information, and take advantage -- usually financial advantage -- of our personal vulnerabilities.

Not only do I value my online privacy and security, but I respect your online privacy and security as well. Therefore, it is the policy of Bill's Bible Basics and the Christian Social Network to never divulge any personal information regarding our visitors, without their express, written permission. In particular, I will never share, trade or sell your email address, or any other personal information that you choose to share with me. I know that you don't like spam and telemarketers, and neither do I. Neither do any of us want sensitive aspects of our personal lives shared all across the Web, unless it is by our own choice, such as through social networks.

All that I ask of you in return as a visitor to this website, is that you maintain a current email address in your settings for any service that you may use on this server which requires one. That way, if there should be problems with the site, or with your account, I will have a sure way in which to contact you. If at some point your email address becomes invalid, I retain the option to deactive your account or membership in any particular area on this server, until such time when you fix the problem.

To further protect your privacy while you are visiting the Christian Social Network, since February of 2017, I have implemented SSL -- or Secure Sockets Layer -- and its newer cousin, TSL -- or Transport Layer Security -- across the entire Bill's Bible Basics website and the Christian Social Network. Furthermore, this website has a grade of A+ at the SSL Labs website. For those of you who may not be familiar with these terms and what that all means, these are standard Internet security technologies which encrypt the data which passes between your desktop computer or mobile device, and my web server on which the Bill's Bible Basics website and Christian Social Network are hosted. This secure link ensures that all data that is passed between us remains private and integral. So when you see that little gray padlock next to one of my URLs in your web browser's location field, rest assured that you are not just very, but extremely safe here; not that you were really ever in any danger anyway.

For additional information, the Christian Social Network "Terms of Service" can be viewed at the following URL:



Your fellowservant,

Bill Kochman

Christian Social Network Administrator