Bill Kochman
on November 15, 2021
Hello friends. Well, I have continued to add more cat videos to my "Bill's Cats" playlist on YouTube. Currently -- 2021-11-15 -- the total stands at 243 videos to date. I will be making more, and adding more, as my time permits.
Most of these cat videos are rather short -- 5 to 10 minutes each -- while a few of them stretch up to almost half an hour in length.
These are videos of the cats which I have cared for, and which I first began recording in December of 2020 to the present time. So, they show some of the cats at different stages of their lives; in some cases, from birth and forward.
To access my "Bill's Cats" playlist on my YouTube channel, please proceed to the following URL ... and enjoy my precious fur babies:
Dimension: 696 x 560
File Size: 408.88 Kb
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