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A financial breakdown of how much money has been invested in the Bill's Bible Basics and Christian Social Network ministry since 1993.
Bill Kochman
Quirky Bill's Page
Most of my online friends know me as being a rather serious-minded Christian evangelist and writer who concentrates primarily on sharing the truths which are found in God's Word. I tend to be a straight, to-the-point sharpshooter who strives to not compromise the Word of God in any way. However, my longtime friends will also know that there is another side to Mr. Bill, or Brother Bill, as some folks like to call me. In short, to the surprise of some people, I do have my funny, silly, sarcastic side too. After all, I have long believed that having a good sense of humor is an important asset in one's life. It can help us to make it through some difficult times in our lives, and it certainly doesn't hurt to be able to laugh at ourselves once in a while. This page, then, reveals my more humorous side. Well, at least I hope you find some of the content here humorous, even if that humor is used to share an important truth. To share the QBP page with your friends, please click on the "Share" link which you see in the right column of your web browser page. Or, you can also go to a friend's page and give them the URL below: Your Pal in Jesus, Bill Kochman CSN Administrator  
Bill Kochman
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