Pointed Political Poems
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The "Pointed Political Poems" page consists of dozens of politically-oriented poems composed by myself, Bill Kochman -- out of a current total of 675+ poems -- since 2014. If you choose to comment on any of these poems, please be respectful, don't engage in personal attacks, and strive to be courteous and diplomatic, despite differences of opinion. Thanks! To share the PPP page with your friends, please click on the "Share" link which you see in the right column of your web browser page. Or, you can also go to a friend's page and give them the URL below, which can be used to access this page in a desktop or a laptop web browser: At the same time, if you would like to see my full collection of poems, arranged by topic, please proceed to the following URL on the Bill's Bible Basics website: Your Pal in Jesus, Bill Kochman CSNet Administrator
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