Since 1993-1994, I have authored a total of 300+ articles and multi-part series, and I continue to write new ones as the Lord leads, and as my time and health permit. In these articles, I present thought-provoking, Scripture-based perspectives regarding Bible prophecy and many other topics which are related to the Holy Scriptures and our Christian walk of faith.

Back in 2018, I decided to expand the Bill's Bible Basics ministry a bit more by starting a YouTube channel. During that year, I made about thirty videos. Some of them are me reading some of my articles, while others are me reading some of my poetry. Since that time, I have slowly added more videos to my YouTube collection.

This page contains links to a select number of the videos I have made to date. In the case of multi-part articles, or series, each part has its own video, so that you are not overburdened by one long video. Most videos are about 45 minutes long, or shorter, in length, depending on what it contains.

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I hope you enjoy what you find here.

Your Pal in Jesus,

Bill Kochman
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